Three mushroom pasta

Three mushroom pasta

We have been on a diet/lifestyle change for the past one week, thanks to influence from my sister-in-law’s family. It’s a “meat once a day” rule which means that out of the three meals we eat, only one of it will have meat – either lunch or dinner. The other two meals will be strictly just vegetables and fruit with grains and/or dairy. Hopefully it’ll help with trimming the waistline – that reminds me; I need to check out thule bike racks for the bikes in our garage. Hm.

For someone like me who grew up eating more meat than vegetables and had meat with every meal (breakfast, lunch AND dinner), it’s quite something to adjust to but I took it in my stride. For me, the challenge was more on coming up with vegetarian dishes rather than downing them. So far, I made ratatouille, stir fried eggplant, vegetable curry, salad, and soup (Western-styled) but am fast running out of ideas. Luckily I placed an order for a vegetarian cookbook – I’m in dire need of something like that as my bookshelf has a lot of recipes on one pot meals, kid’s meals, world cuisine (italian, etc), cakes & other bakes and just about anything other than vegetables!

After some thought, I decided to churn out some mushroom pasta. There was some lovely girolles (a kind of forest mushroom) for sale. At first I wanted to make an omelette with it but we had some meat for lunch (I forgot what it was!) so I decided on a mushroom pasta. Took me a while to hunt around for another type of mushroom on top of the button mushroom we had in the fridge.

Once I found what I wanted, it was a matter of prepping and then cooking them. Eva was excited at seeing a big basket of mushrooms as we had gone mushroom hunting during the summer holidays which allowed her to see where and how people used to get wild mushrooms instead of just harvesting them from a farm. The mushrooms were washed and roughly sliced up before being cooked with some garlic, onions and a Provence herb mix. A little fish sauce was added to finish it up.

The result is some very yummy mushroom pasta that was finished up in no time!

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