SS Handspun: Faints

Ply | Three
Yardage | At least 250 m
WPI | NA (Fingering)
Fibre | Funky Carolina BFL/Silk Combed Top
Tool | Serenity Wheel [10:1]

My first spinning FO for 2012! Shocker, I know. I actually finished this when my parents were here last month but never got around to updating this blog. That would account for the approximate/guest-imate figures used for the yardage. Somehow, the paper which I scribbled the yardage count on went missing. By the time I realized what had happened, the skein of handspun yarn was already dried and I wasn’t about to go unwinding it only to wind it on my Niddy Noddy and do a recount. I reckon I’ll survive with an approximate figure. Tehehee.

Now that I’m beginning to spend less time on the Internet (can you or can you not tell?), I’ve started knitting and spinning again. I plan to do some weaving now that I have a stand for my loom but that will involve some massive juggling act which I don’t intend to do for now. The kids still take up a lot of my time even though Eva is at school four mornings in a week. Knitting is something I can do when both are asleep and spinning is something that intrigues both of them – Eva will try to get her hands on my fibers on the pretext of helping me (I should give her some “unwanted” bits from my first stash which is somewhere (I wish I could easily store my yarn like how people handle san storage systems) for her to play with) and Noah is fascinated with the wheel and whole spinning action going on.

Anyway, having said that, I have a braid of my own handdyed superwash merino that I’m spinning up at the moment. I’m hoping to get a mixed of solids and heathered look once I ply the singles but so far, the candy cane-like stripes are very intriguing.

SS Handspun: Faints

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