At Sanary-sur-Mer

I know my last post was in July and then I disappeared for an entire month without a squeek. I have my reasons for it; they revolve around a few words – “homemade jam”, “beaches” and “Internet-less”. LOL.

We spend a good deal of time at my mother-in-law’s place in the countryside of Lyon and then at Nil’s family home in a little village called Mazelgirard – population is less than a few hundred, I THINK – and then at his other family home in a nice place called Sanary-sur-Mer which is just after Aix-en-Provence (in the south). The picture you see up there is an attempt at capturing the beauty of the town, its port and surrounding beaches. To enjoy, do click on it to see the full size picture – it’s HUGE!

Being away from the Internet has allowed me to catch up on a few things like reading, knitting and other pleasures like the company of my two children, especially the youngest who is know more mobile and alert. (Watch out now – Mr Noah can roll over so no more lazying around on raised surfaces like the bed or sofa!) On top of that, Eva has just started school (we get Wednesdays off! YAY!) and we have to seriously, SERIOUSLY ditch the diapers or face her NOT going to school at all. While it means that I get some breathing space while Eva is at school during the day, it also means that I can catch up on my knitting. I have some knits planned out for the winter and need to get started on them now that summer is over. (It also means I have to store my clothes somewhere (including my maternity pajamas) and break out my winter wear soon!)

Suddenly, it seems like I never really went on a vacation. Hm, maybe I should go on a break more often! Tehehehe.

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