Reading again.

Being on a self-imposed holiday without any knitting or craft of any kind means one thing – catching up on my reading.

The last time I picked up a book was months back and it is safe to say that I miss it terribly. One could always suggest that I settle for e-books which are plentiful but it’s not the same. After all, boardgames like Risk don’t give you the same feel as online games like Dead Island or Starcraft. (Having said that, I should break out my birthday present from my parents – they bought me a tab! – and use that for my e-books!)

Anyway, I got Nil to take me into town yesterday to get some English books. While they are not common, you *can* find some in large cities like Paris and yes, Lyon although selections are limited unlike back in Malaysia or Singapore where you have rows and rows of nothing but English books. Here, I have to contend myself with two rows of the books. In contrast, you would find a whole section of translated manga books. Heh.

I settled on two titles by Cecilia Anhern and one by Sophie Kinsella. Unwilling to spend more since I had already bought five books over, I thought it better to wait for the arrival of the books than to purchase more. The recent hike in VAT for books (from 5.5% to 7%) meant that books were a little bit more expensive than usual. Most paperbacks would be in the 10-euro plus bracket instead of below and suddenly, some titles are hitting 20 euroes. Eeks indeed. Still, I must admit that dollar for dollar, reading is quite inexpensive here. Everyone loves the book store and Nil’s family is no exception – from his late paternal grandmother with her first editions to his uncle with his shelves of paperbacks.

Y’know, there is something about thumbing through a book on a cool summer afternoon out in the garden and even more commonplace to doze off with a book in hand (or on the face).

Ahh, the joys of reading.

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