Tangy Fruit Enzyme – Part II

Harvested fruit enzyme!

That’s not my original fruit enzyme. The original fruit enzyme didn’t turn out well – there were black spots on the top and after two weeks, I wasn’t confident about the results so I started a new fruit enzyme with just oranges, lemon, kiwi and some ginger.

I made some adjustments this time around to the quantity of sugar and honey. I used about 300-400 gms of sugar and three heaped tablespoons of honey (only on the surface) for 4 medium sized oranges, 2 lemons and about four to five kiwis. With the advice of a friend in mind, after I finished layering the fruits and before adding in the sugar, I pressed down to remove as much air and space as possible from each layer, making it ultra compact.

The result is an orange-kiwi fruit enzyme that smells yeasty (hubby thought I made beer!) yet had a delicious orange taste to it. Very refreshing! I drink mine with some water although you can take it neat. After we finish with this, I might make a strawberry-lemon enzyme just to see how it would taste!

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