Soup here I come!

What do you do with leftover bones?

Of lately, I have begun to keep chicken carcasses for one thing – making awesomely good stock/soup!

We usually buy roast chicken from the market on Thursdays (it’s my day off cooking – heheheh) and then freeze the carcass. Yesterday, while doing some minor grocery shopping, I saw that fresh chicken was on sale at the nearby supermarket (can you beat €2 for a whole chicken?). So one went into the freezer and the other? Well, I made steamed chicken rice. Hehehe.

Now what did I do with the carcass? As you can see above, it’s in a pot of water with some onions, celery and Chinese cabbage. Should make great soup for tomorrow noodle dish!

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  1. Love soup during the cold weather 🙂 Mum is boiling “choy kon” (dehydrated vegetable?) with pork bones soup for dinner tonight. Can’t wait!!!!

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