Did you know…

…that we finally paid off my delivery bill?

I didn’t really share this here but my delivery – unlike when I had Eva in Switzerland – was not covered. It took us more than six months of emails, phone calls and visits to try and get things clarified, etc, but in the end, the Government decided that I would not be covered…just because Nil was a few hours short of the required number of working hours.

Usually, a delivery bill would be covered under social security – so long as there is a working adult in the family. There is no need for any sort of insurance, not even general liability insurance. If you’ve just arrived in the country, you need to have a certain number of hours under your belt before you can qualify for any coverage. Unfortunately for us, Noah decided to show up early. Hence the big slap on our wrists/hands/bank account/how ever you want to look at it. If he had waited a week, it wouldn’t be a problem but noooo, he decided that coming into the world when he wanted to and with a bang is a must!

To make things even more insulting, when we showed up at the hospital with a big fat cheque, we were told that they don’t issue receipts. The deduction that shows up on the bank statement is proof enough, says the guy at the counter. Should have seen Nil’s face when he said that. What the heck? I give you a cheque of that amount and I don’t even get a printout stating that you’ve got my money????!!!??? Heh.

All I could remember saying to him when we left was “Welcome to France”.

O’well, at least we won’t get hounded for this any more. Still, it means that the option of purchasing a house here in France will have to wait a few more months. After this dent, our bank account needs some time to recover.

So yeah…

Welcome to France.


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