The little man!


That’s the little man in his newest toy – a Leapfrog exersaucer. He’s still a little bit small for it – or rather he doesn’t really know what to do with it, hence the face, but I reckon if given time, he’ll be busy going at it for minutes on end.

Or at least I hope so.

He has been rather difficult to deal with and for the past couple of weeks, Nil and I have living on the edge every day and night. For him, it’s mostly the nights but for me, the days are awful because he never seemed to want to nap alone or out of his stroller. This leaves me with very little time for anything else. Bathing and washing my hair is a challenge; forget about body scrubs – I can never enjoy them.

Part of me is hoping that this crazy phase will come to an end. The other part of me is wondering tho…

Where did all that time went to? How did this little fella grow up this fast?


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