In the Provence area!

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May was a rather busy month. We were away every weekend and on on particular weekend, we dropped by down south. Or rather, in some little town in the Provence area.

We were in Verdon a couple of weeks back to check out the gorge. Plenty of pictures taken during the hikes, and plenty of interesting experiences enjoyed/experienced while traveling with two children. No pictures of the multitude of lavender fields tho – this isn’t the season and as such, the lavender flowers are just buds. I look forward to returning during the lavender season tho, just to pay a visit to the distillery, take pictures and well, enjoy the blossoms. Oh yes, and the shopping! Did I mention that I bought 5 liters of olive oil? Great for not just soapmaking but eating too!

I was a little tired at the end of the trip because of the lack of sleep (Noah cutting a tooth and dealing with eczema flare-up from the heat) as well as long distance driving (I definitely have to find a way to put some cushions on the driver’s seat just to take the edge off my butt!). The hubs drove more tho so I can only imagine his fatigue. Now, when the summer holidays come around, can you imagine how busy we’ll be? Going on the road again and all…


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