When one has a sticky, clingy baby, hobbies like soapmaking and whipping up frostings have to wait till one gets help.

One has to deal with the serious lack of sleep during the night and plenty of hours of dealing with a crying/fussy baby during the day. Yes, Noah is in one of those moods. Apart from dealing with eczema, poor him has to deal with teething (I see a lone tooth coming out) AND separation anxiety! I can’t be away in another room for too long lest he goes bonkers and start to cry and at times, it seems as if he needs to be attached to me at all times.

I have resorted to using the ring sling at home despite his eczema – he can get a bit tad warm, resulting in mild flare-up at times. He sleeps better and easily but this also means that I am unable to do anything else but sit in front of the computer (although I don’t always have time to work on reviews for things like www.compostbins.com and the like), TV or do some knitting and reading. The other option would be to go for a walk in the stroller – he always falls asleep in the stroller and nearly instantly too! – but that isn’t exactly ideal at night or when it rains.

I must admit that Eva made life very easy for us so much so that this time around, even Nil feels challenged at times trying to deal with a baby who hardly smiles or laughs except on some days! I sincerely hope that it’s just a phase…

Oh please, just let it be a phase!

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