Just like whipped cream!

Yup, that’s right. If I could take in dairy (not at the moment thanks to my restricted diet although I’m slowly introducing dairy but in the form of cheese first and goat’s cheese), I would eat my own body butters.

I ran out of Noah’s avocado butter and since the argan and rosehip oil yielded promising results, I decided to add some to the original recipe. I also changed the way I whipped the oils.

The end result is a softer, easier to spread butter which, I find, to be quite airy and frothy. I also ended up with extra three 50ml jars of butter on top of the two 100ml jars that I filled up. The extras have been put up for sale and surprisingly, sold out nearly instantly! Happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Enrich Body Butter: A look at the texture

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