Chilli Con Carne

Chilli Con Carne

No recipe here; not because I’ve been busy with reviews but simply because I’m still experimenting and am not exactly happy with the flavours. Suffice to say, it is delicious but lacks that kick. There are, of course, red beans and minced beef but to make use of whatever vegetables that were about to die, I added in things like mushrooms, tomato and replaced chilli powder with Tabasco sauce, cumin powder with cumin grains and tomato puree with ketchup.

This stew is fab on its own but is excellent – I find – with rice, pasta and even polenta. I reckon I’ll make this a little thicker and cook it longer to really get the lovely flavour. Not that anyone was complaining. Eva who usually doesn’t really fancy beans ate a lot of this even the beans! YAY!

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