When you buy…

When You Buy...

This has been circulating around the Internet, particularly over Facebook, so I thought to adapt it a little and share with you what happens with the money I receive from the shop. Location isn’t important as the yarn store and this one pays for the same things.

I must be honest – the soap store is a part-time business which I foresee to be a side thing as I would still like to get back to my yarn & fiber business which is a first love of mine.

Still, the money – whatever small amounts – received is always wisely used. It goes into not just updating the stock of raw ingredients like shea, cocoa and mango butter as well as luxury oils like kukui, avocado, etc, but also towards other things like packaging for the store, web and photo hosting (someone suggested joomla web hosting to replace my current one) books for Eva, clothes for Noah, a foodie treat or two for myself and the hubs.

Small businesses, or rather MY small business, isn’t aimed for making a profit but more at funding a passion. So the next time you check out a small business of any sort, particularly that of a stay-at-home-mum, think of the people who will “profit” from it.

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