Something sweet…

Tapioca Cake

I made a little something sweet to remind me of home today and it didn’t fail me. It could be a little on the richer side but that’s fine considering that I didn’t use any eggs or butter (diet restriction, remember?).

They sell already grated tapioca here which is frozen plus ones that are already peeled but here means Lyon and I don’t live in Lyon. Where I stay, they only sell whole and unpeeled tapioca/manioc/cassava. So I decided to get the whole unpeeled version and put in a little bit extra effort into this dish. The recipe is a keeper and pretty simple although I might tweak it a little bit more the next time I make this – especially with the amount of coconut milk used.

Still, it makes for a good dessert! I know a little girl who enjoyed it tremendously. Kekeke. For now, am back to my reviews on the side effects of syntheroid.

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