Keeping my fingers crossed…

Pure (Breast milk): Saponifying

One big thing about soapmaking is that if you discover in the beginning that you may have a tiny problem with your soap, you have to wait at least 16-18 hours before confirming it.

That’s Pure – my breast milk-shea butter soap – saponifying. It’s currently gelling (see this link for an explanation on what gelling is) but that isn’t the problem. The problem is in the beginning – at the lye solution stage. I used 100% frozen breast milk and added in the lye gradually, stirring a lot as I went along. I thought I stirred enough but as I reached the bottom of the container (while pouring it into my soap), I saw a few (around four to five) tiny lye pellets.

My heart sank.

Undissolved lye.

I didn’t use the pellets (thankgoodness there wasn’t any more milk-lye solution in the container) but now I wonder if my soap has undissolved lye. I will have to wait till tomorrow before I find out and if there are lye pockets, I’ll end up rebatching this like how I did with my cucumber soap.

So yes, am keeping my fingers crossed!

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