Sinful (Pork) Meatballs

I had a massive craving for pork meatballs the other day and decided to act on it. It was the first time I deep fried anything since coming to France – my mum deep frying during my confinement is not the same thing. Since my move to Switzerland, I don’t really eat a lot of deep fried foods at home (in Singapore, it’s different because you can BUY deep fried stuff – bad though). It’s messy to clean up and well, the whole house stinks of oil after you’re done.

But I was craving for some yumminess and decided to get my once-in-a-couple-of-months oil intake in the form of these meatballs. Think of it as a form of food gifts to myself! So after some prep time – I cheated using a food processor and made my own pork mince on top of the veg (carrots, spring onions, green apple and mushrooms) – and an hour of frying (GAWD), I had A LOT of meatballs to chow down on. Even had enough to make a meatball pasta sauce for the next day.

However, I had enough of the frying – the clean up is terrible (I still have that pot of oil lying around and mind you, I used like 1 liter of oil just for this!). So am definitely going out to get myself a gadget like the Phillips AirFryer. Seb has something similar to the Tefal ActiFryer but I read that it’s fragile and after a while, is prone to catching fire. So far, no such news with the Phillips model. It’s much smaller than the Seb one (max is 800 gms while the Seb has 1 kg and 1.5 kg models) though. But yes, it is a definite buy, especially when I’m making my own meatballs.

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  1. Reading this at 8am in the morning is not a good idea. How I’m craving for deep fried stuff to eat!!!! Anyway, I hardly deep fry stuff too because they use too much oil and I hate cleaning up the oily pot/wok!!!

  2. I read that the Airfryer is good with ready made items so just make sure that you have added oil to your home made minced meatballs else they won’t crisp.

    I just bake meatballs in the oven…less clean up and just as yummy!

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