A simple meal…

Stir fried glass noodles with egg omelette strips

When I’m having one of those crazy days, I whip up one-pot meals in the form of either fried rice or noodles and garnish them with some salad leaves or strips of egg omelette. Yes, I have become that un-adventurous and mayhaps even lazy when it comes to cooking. Ohhorror. I have taken to surfing my favourite cooking sites just to get an idea of what to prepare for lunch and dinner.

The shortlisted recipes include the following:

  • Turkey meatloaf – recipe here
  • Pasta e fagioli – recipe here (this looks extremely yummy!)
  • Warm lentil salad with sausage – recipe here (I might make this tomorrow since I already have the lentils. I have some sausage but will check with Nil if I can use those instead of smoked sausage.)
  • Strawberry summer cake – recipe here (tomorrow’s dessert…since we have strawberries!)
  • Roast chicken with dijon sauce – recipe here
  • Meatball subs with caramelised onions – recipe here (looks awesomely yummy!)

I seriously need to be inspired to cook. Funny how I have no issues being inspired to make soap. Hai.

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