Finally a picture…

…to the recipe here. It’s not very pretty – I must admit. I snapped it as soon as I got it out of the pan and didn’t have time to decorate the top or smooth out the sides. What it lacks for in appearance, it makes up for in taste. Eva loved it and kept going on and on about “ice cream cake” – since it looked like ice cream. Hahaha.


It’s not all too sweet as I cut back on the sugar. I have to remember to find that sweet spot when it comes to the timing of whipping up the cream, creaming the cream cheese AND preparing the gelatine as my cake is not as firm as I would like it to be. It can still stand on its own tho. All in all, a nice recipe – just remember to use an 8″ pan. I used a 7″ and ended up with a slightly thicker crust than usual and leftover cheesecake batter (enough to fill in a ramekin mold). Mind you, I cut back on the recipe by reducing the base total to 200 gms and the cream cheese by 200 gms as well.

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