Stamping too soon!

Stamping soap too soon!

When you stamp soap too soon – as in just after unmoulding (I took some time out from designing my inventory labels) – this is what you may end up with!

Not all recipes will give you this result. Some like Panax hardened well enough for me to soap it right after unmoulding (within the 16-18 hour window). If I waited any longer, stamping would become a pain. Others like Two Tone and Greyscale have a wider window wait although I prefer to stamp right after unmoulding – less work and well, I don’t have to wait too long to take pictures. Others like Très Miel and this one – I discovered – can only be stamped at least one to two days after unmoulding. One should also consider factors like whether the soap gelled or not.

O’well, looks like this sample bar will be heading to my soap stash. On hindsight, I should have stamped on the leftover sliver I got from cutting up the loaf. Heh.

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