If you don’t succeed…

Très Miel: Loaf saponifying

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

That’s Très Miel (Very Honey) saponifying away. It is my second try – my first ended up in the bin. I kid you not. I threw away 700 gms of oil made up of oils and butters like coconut, olive, shea, sweet almond and castor oil not to mention oat powder, honey fragrance and honey and took some time out from catching up with my TV series (thank you, vlc player!) to redo this again.

You see, I wanted to use oatmilk in place of water as my liquid base so without thinking, I decided on 100% oatmilk. The end result was a lye-milk base that looked like cookie dough. On hindsight, I should have just trashed the lye mix and redo it (thus I wouldn’t waste the oil base) but I wanted to see what would happen if I dumped this “dough” into my oil mix. I ended up with soap that was a little on the oily side, had flakes all over from I don’t know what and it just looked awful. None of that smooth creamy appearance that I’d normally get. I didn’t want to rebatch it so I dumped it.

Then I decided to do a little bit more reading and research. After hunting online for more information and relooking at my recipe plus technique, I decided to try again but this time I used less oatmilk (20% – I’ll be aiming for 50% in my next round) and added it in before trace together with the honey. I also soaped at a lower temperature instead of my usual temperature.

The result is what you see above – the top is sprinkled with granulated cane sugar just to give it a textured appearance. I can’t wait to unmould this tomorrow morning! Hehehe. All in all, I’m glad I experimented – making mistakes is part and puzzle of soapmaking.

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