The super fast trace soap

Panax: Loaf

I think I’m starting to build a collection of “mistake” soap batches. First I had overheated soap, then I had soap that traced ultra quick – thanks to fragrance oils – and today, I had soap that traced immediately the moment the lye hit the base oils! I soaped at 40 C and just poured in the lye as usual. Turned around to put the container for the lye into the sink. When I turned back, I could see that the soap batter looked different. OMIGOD, is that what I think it is?

I scrambled to take out my stick blender and stir it with the spatula instead. Within a minute, it hit medium trace so that meant tossing the essential oils in, mixing them well, pouring half into the mould before I toss in the cinnamon and some oil into the remaining batch. By the time I got the top layer in, it looked like thick trace! What is going on????

I suspect it’s either the lye, additives (powders) or the mango butter so I’m going to try this base again. I added in the powders (ginseng and coix seed) to the base oils. Normally it would just sink and that’s about it. As for the mango butter, it was softer than the type I got so I’m wondering if that’s the reason as to why it just went crazy. In terms of lye, I used pre-made lye – I have used this with my previous soaps so I’ll change this first since the previous soap traced pretty fast as well.

The loaf doesn’t look as pale as it was when I snapped the picture as it gelled about two hours ago. I’ll unmold this tomorrow morning and see if it comes out alright. If not, it’s either going into the rebatch pot or bin – depends on how bad it is. In the meantime, I’m going to hold my breath, focus on syntheroid reviews and wait. Hai.

Panax: Peaked tops

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