WIP: Noah’s Stripey Blanket

Since I made a blanket for Eva, I figured I had better make one for Noah as well. I didn’t want anything too complicated and since Eva is at my father-in-law’s place, I thought of whipping up something quick, simple yet cute to boot. No adding to my stash this time as I have enough of fabrics. (Nil is beginning to complain about how my fabric stash never goes down.) But first, I needed a design.

I remember coming across a couple of striped quilts and figured that it would be fun as well as easy to whip out. After hunting the Internet for some ideas, I took a look at my stash. Now, as usual, the hubby always ends up picking out colour schemes that are shocking to boot like super bright orange against dark blue. I was hoping for something a little less shocking, especially for a cute little bubs like Noah. So after some intense negotiation, I got what I wanted. (I learnt from experience not to cave – remember the last quilt I made?)

And here’s the result of a couple of hours cutting, pinning, sewing, ironing, more pinning, more sewing and more ironing! Now to put together a border and hunt around for a quilt batting & backing!

Noah's Stripey Blanket: Top

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