The overheated soap.

The overheated Spring Breeze

When soap overheats, that’s what you end up with. Blargh.

I chucked this in the rebatch pot and since it’s fresh, I didn’t add any liquids, just some mugwort and goat’s milk powder. I figure that since it’s mistake and I’m rebatching, if it goes south, it’s no big deal. I’ll turn it into soap balls, embeds or something else. Definitely a learning experience here.

While washing up the rebatch tools, I noticed that the rebatched soap lathered up pretty well – a sign that there is nothing wrong with the recipe, just the technique. So it’s back to the drawing board with this one. I’ll probably make up a fresh batch later – kekekeke.

In the meantime, I’m off to work on my quilt!

The overheated Spring Breeze - Inside

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