Winter is finally here.

Winter is here in Dole!

The past week has really been cold for us here in France. In other four-season countries, the cold has finally landed as well. With temperatures below zero at night AND day, going out is a mean feat. Even the usual jacket and hat isn’t enough and I find myself holed up at home with two kids. Sometimes we brave the weather and 30 kmh winds just so Eva and Noah could get some fresh air. I don’t think Noah minds staying at home – it is cosy and warm. Eva, on the other hand, won’t miss a chance to head out – rain, shine, snow, sun.

While people back at home are jealous to bits, I can’t say for sure that I’m glad. I miss having some good old fashioned sunshine and sometimes it’s crazy being unable to get out without getting wet or cold. I’m limited when I babywear Noah as my jacket is open so when it gets windy, Mummy gets pretty uncomfortable.

Then again, when summer comes, I’m going to complain that it’s hot, etc, etc. Aiks. Can’t have everything I guess. Bah.

The tree outside my bedroom

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