Tulips in the house!

Tulips in the house!

The weather has been awful of lately. No sun, foggy, wet (either it rains or drizzles!) and well, just awful. To add some cheer to the house, I thought of getting some flowers. It was a thing I did at a whim, really.

You see, what happened was I went to the store to buy groceries for Friday’s meal with Eva and Noah in tow – can’t leave them at home, y’know. And despite the drizzle and being “charmed” by reviews on mobile computer carts, I braved the weather. At least we got out of the house.

We reached the store, walked around and just as I made my way to the cashiers, these lovely bunch of tulips stared right back at me. Eva went “Look, flowers!” and I was sold. I paid less than €5 euroes for twenty stalks of tulips and for a few days, the house looked cheery enough.

Flowers…nice way of bringing some colour and cheer into a bleary winter week.

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