Bubble test: Grapefruit with Vanilla Oil

Savon: Getting ready for the all important lather test

My Grapefruit with Vanilla Oil soap is nearly done with curing – it has been nearly three weeks already – and so I decided to move away from my coach (all comfy with my nursing pillow which doubles as a body pillow) to grab a small portion and test it for bubbles & lather.

INFO: When soap is fresh (unmould and cut), it doesn’t lather up. Lather takes time to build so all the more reason as to why curing your soap is important.

Taking pics of soap and/or bubbles in one hand isn’t all that easy. I had to hang the camera around my neck, wash my hands, rinse one hand and then attempt to take a CLEAR and STEADY shot with another hand on supermacro mode. Heh.

Savon: Success!

Anyway, the bar is a success! As you can see, there is plenty of lather and bubbles plus no zapping feel (extra lye left in the bar can really burn and zap your skin). Overall scent is very very mild – I detect a faint citrus fragrance but my nose is sensitive so not too sure what the hubby will say about that.

The soap is left next to the commercial liquid handwash we use in the kitchen, which my hubby hates because it’s too drying on the hands. I agree – after hot water and that soap, my hands are beginning to crack at the knuckles. *sob* I think my soap is way better even though it’s not fully cured but it could be just me. Will see what the hubby has to say.

Savon: Check out all that lather!

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