My new storage kit

My new sewing storage kit

Nil’s grandmother was a crafter – sewing, knitting, crocheting, embroidery (I suspect), a bit of painting – so when she passed away, Nil together with his dad and uncle had the task of sorting through a lot of things. Coupled the crafter’s natural “ability” to stash, Grandmama was also a hoarder of some sorts. She was never one for wasting or throwing away things, something I find to be common with people her age (she was 94 or 96 years old at the time of her passing). When she first passed away, Nil passed me her nearly new 70s sewing machine which is still in use today. (I should have serviced it in Singapore but forgot due to the rush with the packing, etc.)

When we moved to Dole, we took a lot of the furniture that she left behind – dining table with chairs, armoire styled bookshelf, buffet or dresser (something similar to this but bigger and with more drawers) and a work table. Nil surprised me with her sewing storage kit – “I figured you might want to use this since it’s just sitting in the garage and no one else has a need for it.” So I adopted it.

This little kit opens up just like your toolkit and at first glance, contained a whole boatload of things. I never got around to examining its contents until recently. The bags you see behind it are actually trash – Grandmama had A LOT of things. From four pairs of the same scissors (she has a total of 10 over scissors), to bobbins and spools of threads, cross-stitch bundles, buttons (I need to sort through this), accessories for bra repair, reclaimed zips (basically zips from clothing that you don’t need), FIVE measuring tapes, tons and tons of sewing needles (enough to last me this lifetime and the next), timbles, and what-not. She used very old metal contains to keep some of her things so I hung on to those – they are very cute and no one uses such tins these days.

As you can see, I’ve reorganized it to fit some of my sewing material – I can’t say that I’m any better than her as I have bobbins and spools of thread in another storage container, buttons, felt, scissors, and other things. And oh, Nil even found my sock blockers when he assembled my spinning wheel earlier and they fit in this kit! Another thing I love about this is that when it folds up, it doesn’t take a lot of space and doubles as stand for my pot of aloe vera!

So yay to my new storage kit!

Opens up just like a toolbox

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