Chocolate anyone?

"Chocolate Marble Loaf" Soap: Out of the mould

After looking at the comments I got for my first batch of CP (Cold Process) soap in the soap making forum that I’m part of, I decided to simplify my recipe to a 3+1 oil base (3 major oils + 1 additional oil) and play around with adding different things like additives, colours or essential oil. I didn’t want to buy more essential oils and I certainly didn’t want to spend too much on my first time colouring/swirling/marbling. So I looked around and came across some suggestions on natural colorants in soap such as vegetable, fruit and get this, coffee and chocolate!

So I dug out some cocoa powder and baking chocolate with 52% cocoa powder (and other stuff) from the pantry and started work on my 2nd batch of soap. I must admit that this time I felt more at ease – it reminded me of cooking/baking. Practice makes perfect and once you have tried it, it’s less scary the second time around. I soaped at a higher temp (110-120° F instead of 100° F like the last time) and the soap got quite hot (I insulated it as well!). Plus I read that sugar speeds trace up and adds to the heat – I think (need to check; have too much info floating around in my brain). Anyway, So I ended up with a really dark looking bar which I quite like.

I got distracted at the bit where I was to mix or swirl both colours. Instead of pouring the uncoloured portion in a zigzag motion (I was starting to panic as the soap had reached semi-thick trace), I poured everything into one spot. Hence what you see in the loaf above. Then I swirled around with my spatula but I didn’t touch the bottom, hence the dark portions in some parts of the loaf.

Anyway, the soap unmoulds quite well and looks okay except that when I first removed the saran wrap from the top, I saw a few very VERY tiny drops of oil on the surface (where a bubble used to be). The soap is pretty firm and no oozing or oily bits so it could be a one-off thing but lets see a week or two of curing shows up. I must admit that I LOVE how the pattern turned out. It has this marbled quality to it. One thing I’m not happy about is the overall shape. My loaf come out fat on the sides because I had to move it around so the middle is thicker/wider than the edge. Note to self – I should get a sturdy container for my mould.

Otherwise, this is a keeper!

"Chocolate Marble Loaf" Soap: A look at the marbling/swirls

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