Trial batch 1

After 22 hours of "bedding"

My first batch of cold process soap came out surprisingly well considering that I botched up a few things. For starters my electronic scale went off a few times while I was weighing out the oils so I’ll need to find a way to get around that without dipping into the pocket for a new scale. I messed up with the coconut oil as well as the essential oils – those were approximates but were not off by far (only around 1-2 gms). The lye was the one that was more important – I was about 0.5 to 1 gm off (estimated again) but that’s okay, I figure.

When I first peaked at the soap as it was bedding, I was afraid that soda ash was forming on the surface but when I looked at it this morning, I discovered that it was just bubbles from vigorous stick blending. Must make a note of that for my subsequent batches. While I was pleased that the soap filled at least half of the mould I bought, I reckon I’ll need to increase the recipe just so it’ll fill up nicely. Right now, the bars I can get out are not very large so I’ll need to work on the quantity of oils, I reckon. Maybe a good extra 200 gms of oil.

In terms of the outcome, judging from its current appearance, the soap is nice, nearly even cream colour and is still soft. Curing it – it takes about 4 weeks minimum – will help the excess water to evaporate, resulting in a hard bar as well as allow saponification to really finish. Once the curing is done, I’ll have to do a tongue test to see if there is excess lye left over (I hope now). While cleaning up the equipment, the soap didn’t lather up nicely but I read that lather needs time to build and that means allow the soap to cure. It does clean very well – no squeeky feeling – and may I add that the moisturising effects are simply amazing! I’m definitely not looking back and using commercial stuff anymore.

I got about eight eleven 2cm bars of this soap and instead of sourcing my supplies from a local store, I decided to get my oils, butters and essential oils from the UK. Even after shipping, they are cheaper, especially their organic range. The stores here in France are quite costly or maybe I’m not looking at the right places? Still…can’t wait for my supplies to come and to churn out another batch! Woohoo to handmade soap!

Fresh out of the mould

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