Pineapple jam!

This year’s pineapple jam in the making – took 1.6 kg of pineapple juice and fiber to make 900 gms of jam, 1.5 hours of prep work and about 1 hour of cooking (I cheated!). I tweaked the family recipe a little to give it my own unique taste and am quite pleased with the result although the colour is a little darker than I would like it to be. Still, makes for a good jam.

… Into the wok, it all goes!

Pineapple jam: Into the wok!

… 10 minutes later…

Pineapple jam: About 10 mins into cooking

… 30-45 minutes later…(I took a break to have dinner and feed Noah here!)

Pineapple jam: About 30-45 mins into cooking

… A close up of the jam before the break!

Pineapple jam: About 30-45 mins into cooking (Close up)

… The finished product – all 900 gms of it.

Pineapple jam: The finished product

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  1. I love love love pineapple tarts….but cooking them is so tedious leh!!! I don’t know how you manage!!!

    Mabel Reply:

    I’m used to it liao. Besides, can’t get it here and if wanna eat, have to DIY. So DIY loh. 🙂

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