24 Simple Scarves MCN in Rubies
24 The Knittery Merino in Vineyard

Knitpicks Chroma Fingering in Prism


This was my mother-in-law’s Christmas gift. I wanted to go back to the basics of weaving which is working with colour and so decided to do a play on rainbow colours (which she happens to like) by splitting the wrap in hot and cold colours. The result is a very subtle difference between the two colour temperatures which is visible up close but not too obvious when seen from far.

I actually finished this earlier but never got around to posting about it because my in-laws check out my blog so it would actually spoil the surprise! Kekekeke.

Nil tells me that my mother-in-law thought I had used silk in the mix but no, it’s all merino and some cashmere from the weft yarns – I used my handdyed MCN (merino-cashmere-nylon blend) and leftovers from another weaving project (The Knittery MCN yarn). A note about Knitpicks Chroma Fingering – it’s a single ply so okay for weft but handle gentle otherwise it might just felt!

I have about half a ball left so I might get around to weaving something along these lines or a project with colour blocks or gradients in it.


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