Brownies, brownies.

Classic walnut brownies

I thought of giving some brownies away for Christmas and decided to try out some new recipes over at Smitten Kitchen and Raspberri Cupcakes. I ended up having a very long day in the kitchen and then out of it with the vacation packing and what-not.

Eva, as usual, was my kitchen assistant even though this time around, she didn’t do much – just help me taste the chocolate, clean the spatula and well, mix the batter for one of the recipes. Through some stroke of bad luck, I didn’t exactly preheat the oven so my plans of baking one brownie first went out the window so I decided to bake both brownies together. I baked them both at 175°C and for 30 minutes. While the banana walnut brownies came out fine (even though I forgot that I had a new carton of eggs in the fridge and used only 2 instead of the 3 called for), the classic brownies from Smitten came out cakey. Still good but a sign that it was baking for far too long.

Nonetheless, they were a hit especially the banana walnut brownies – Nil’s words were “C’est excellent, ton brownies, Mabel!” Me? I’m determined to get it right so I’ll be working on these again. In the meantime, back to my search for personalized lapel pins.

Banana walnut brownies

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