Rainy autumn days!

Typical autumn morning.

While the two kids are asleep, I better quickly do my blogging, especially considering how easy it is for Noah to stir and wake up before midnight!

That was taken this morning about five minutes after we got back home from our trip to the baker near the market. Thanks to Dad, we have a timetable of the bakers nearby and since it’s Wednesday, I decided to drop by the one near the market – she sells fab pastries as well – for some ficelle (very thin and short version of the baguette) and a croissant for Eva’s breakfast tomorrow. I babywore Noah in my meitai after having decided that it would be best to wear him in the mornings – after an awful night yesterday. Initially there was some sunshine but the moment we left, it went back and got replaced with some really strong wind and very very slight drops of rain. But we carried on anyway since it was very mild and on-off. We had initially planned to feed the ducks but upon arriving at the usual spot near the market (thanks to Nil, I discovered that I didn’t have to walk all the way to the river), there weren’t any feathered creatures around except for a raven or two. So we headed back to town and home instead (no thanks to my bladder) and took a slightly longer way.

We reached home in time for me to head to the toilet and after I was done, I got the two kids settled into their playtime routine with Noah on his playgym and Eva doing whatever else she wanted to do. Suddenly it poured!!!! And it wasn’t just rain. Upon closer inspection, I discovered that it was hail! It was a first for Eva and after showing her what exactly it was, she decided that she had enough of going out. “Rain rain, cannot go out.” O’well, there is always tomorrow. But really, thankgoodness we were indoors when it hit. Another couple of minutes and we would have been caught in it with a flimsy umbrella! Eeks!

Today's hail!

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