Knit: Blue Skies & Sunshine

FO: Blue Skies & Sunshine Handspun Socks

Blue Skies & Sunshine
Pattern | Peace Socks by Wendy Johnson
Yarn | My own handspun yarn in Blue Skies & Sunshine (dyed by JulieSpins)
Needles | 2.75mm and 2.25mm DPNs

This is my first handspun socks and I must say that it is also one heavily modified sock to boot. Because the pattern originally called for sport-weight yarn, I had to improvise and that resulted in a couple of changes throughout the sock itself:

  • Cast on 24 stitches using Judy’s Magic Cast on (12 each on two DPNs, then split to 6 stitches per needle)
  • k1, m1 both ends until stitch per needle is 10.
  • Then, knit for entire round 1 followed by k1, m1 both ends for round 2
  • Total stitches: 62
  • 3 k, lace panel, 3 k
  • Switch from k3togtbl to SSSk after first repeat + 1st two lines from 2nd repeat (if making socks from start, sub with SSSK)
  • Gusset stitch count (56 sts); heel stitch to start and end with 31 sts.
  • Used Russian bind-off after 5 repeats on the leg and 1×1 ribbing (2 cm).

Because the two balls used were of slightly different weights and tension, the resulting pair of socks don’t really match up. The right sock is thicker and slightly longer than the left…not to mention the feel was a little on the coarse side as the tension used when plying the yarn for that particular half was tighter than the other ball. Still, it’s not too bad for a first try, especially considering that I was rushing to complete Le Tour de Fleece and pack my wheel.

Also, I made an error when working the gusset and heel for the right sock, resulting in a heel that wasn’t exactly symmetrical. It isn’t exactly noticeable especially with the colour change happening just around that area – thankgoodness for that – but still, not very perfect socks. I must admit though, I like this gusset heel construction. Definitely no issues with holes unlike the short row wrap style.

Having said that, I wonder if I need to make the leg portion larger as I had some issues trying to get it over my heel – I never really had this problem with other socks I made. Perhaps it’s the fiber – the others were merino-nylon which had lots of stretch to it while this was just superwash merino. Or could it be the pattern itself (lack of cables means lack of stretch, etc)? Hm, must ask my sock guru friends and see what they have to say about it. Nil thinks it’s alright as over time and with use, it should stretch plus he feels that socks should be fitting.

Anyway, I have about a good amount of yarn left – mostly shades of blue – so am thinking of working on a quick newborn hat for Noah. I don’t have any needles or yarn on me at the moment apart from what is attached to my project so need to make do with them until we move proper to our new place (which has yet to be confirmed). Can’t wait to settle in even though I don’t look forward to the unpacking (it’s enough to act as appetite suppressants!)!

FO: Blue Skies & Sunshine Handspun Socks

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