WIP: Blue Skies & Sunshine (Update)

WIP: Blue Skies & Sunshine

I like to think that for someone with SSS (Second Sock Syndrome), I’m doing quite well with this project. The foot and heel portion is now done for both sides of the socks and with the right side, I’m beginning to see the colour transition from golden yellow to a lovely shade of blue. There are a few booboos with this project tho but I’ll go into that when I’m done with it.

I must say tho, I’m loving the way the gusset heel turned out – far better than short-row wrap heels which leave a lot of holes especially when it’s time to join up with the front portion of the sock. This time around, I didn’t have to worry about holes and the heel portion looks pretty nicely done (except for the booboo on the right sock)! Definitely a keeper-construction method, if you ask me!

Y’know, I’m falling in love with sock knitting so much so that I succumbed and asked a friend to order some lovely sock yarn from KnitPicks for Christmas/Socktober knits. I must maintain the stamina tho despite juggling life with a toddler and writing assignments (diet pills anyone?)…MUST MUST MUST!

WIP: Blue Skies & Sunshine

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