WIP: Blue Skies & Sunshine

WIP: Blue Skies & Sunshine (close-up)

This is my first project – I think – using my own handspun, although not one of my handdyed fibers.

I was mesmerised by the colour transition and flow so added this to my stash even though I wasn’t supposed to. Then Tour de Fleece came around and I decided to join in, despite being swamped with work and packing. I finished a braid of the stuff and casted on socks – the only thing I thought would be great for this skein – immediately. My excuse then to the hubs was that this would be great as a plane knitting project. Never mind that I’m starting to get doubts about whether I could get this project with bamboo DPNs on board two separate flights. Hm.

Anyway, back to the project…the texture of the yarn in the resulting knitted object so far is amazing! It feels very different from commercial yarn – compact yet still soft and thicker despite it being fingering weight yarn. I reckon they would awesome for winter wear either outdoors or at home. Now to survive the deadly Second Sock Syndrome (SSS) (if only they had insurance for such things)!

WIP: Blue Skies & Sunshine

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