Almost there.

My yarn, fiber and fabric stash is done and in boxes already – five of them. Sometimes it feels like I’m packing stuff like steel drums, etc – it’s neverending! Only thing left are small bits here and there, my sewing machine, spinning wheel, books and DVDs. I’m looking forward to finishing my quilt top and packing it up. Hopefully will have pictures of it by this weekend.

A tenant has been found for our home and it looks to be a good tenant profile; I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the handover and transition will be smooth not to mention that they’ll be of little trouble as we’ll be far away. Our agent has been wonderful and very helpful. There is the matter of taxes and what not to settle but at least the big things are over already. The handover is scheduled for 15 August which is great since our tickets back to Paris has been settled already as well – for the same date. It looks like by then, Eva would have been sleeping in the same bed as us and playing with little to zero toys as her things would have been packed up.

Looking at our timeline, I don’t think we’ll have time to entertain friends or family – both our last days at work will be 3 August and after that, it’s all steam ahead for the packing and cleaning. Sometimes it feels like I’m preparing for the move from Switzerland to Singapore all over again…as if it was just yesterday.

This will be a tough and stressful period for all of us – lots of changes for Eva especially – so am keeping my fingers crossed!

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  1. Hi Mabel,
    You are moving back to Paris again??
    All the best to you and things will go on smoothly for your family. =)

    Mabel Reply:

    Not to Paris but to Dole instead. šŸ™‚

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