Day 3 so far…

My typical day now starts at 630am.

Since Nil isn’t around, I’m up about 10 mins earlier and spent a good 15 minutes preparing her food and diaper bag. Mental reminders are typically on what not to forget – my pass, cellphone, and watch. Then there is the matter of preparing my breakfast – two multigrain slices with some low-fat turkey breast and a slice of Edam cheese. I might leave some fruit at the office although there is a fruit vending machine that churns out very yummy guava and equally juicy watermelon cup.

After a quick shower, I’m out of the house with a very sleepy Eva and her Baba in tow. We reach the babysitters at 710am and after the usual kisses and goodbyes – this morning was hilarious coz she thought I was going for a walk (if only) – I’m off to take my train to work. The journey takes about 35 minutes or less so I have to be in the train by 720am if I want to get into work early. The past few days have been kind. I’ve either been offered seating or received one courtesy of those exiting at a number of stops so I’ve managed to get some knitting done – Nil’s second sock finally has something that resembles a toe.

By the time I reach my destination, it’s already 8am and today, it was bright. Too bright – luckily for my Transition specs. Yesssss, I got some yummy babies thanks to a subsidy offered by my office medical policy. So far, I’ve loving the lenses but not the frame. Very boring – I miss my “fleur” frames. O’well, I guess you can’t have everything.

Anyway, tonight will see me picking Eva up just after 630pm and reaching home before 7pm. If I’m in luck, I’ll cook up something for the both of us, otherwise it’s just homecooked stuff for Eva and some takeaway for me. Might get some noodles to make a simple fishball-tofu noodle soup later during lunch. Then it’s off to the shower for Eva, some reading/play time before she hits the sack. That should be around 8-830pm and after that, I’ve to play catch up with the day’s dirty diaper laundry as well as the clean diaper laundry and my knitting – usually in front of some Law & Order episode or a movie, depending on my mood. If I have extra time, I’ll work on some morgan dollars for sale reviews and such. The night will then end before 11pm before the routine starts all over again the next day.

Boring aye?

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