Mak chook/Bubur terigu

Sorry, no pictures as I didn’t have time to take any while I savour the yummy creamy yet chunky dessert. Blame it on pregnancy cravings!

This is a common dessert in this region and you can find it in both Malay and Chinese cuisine although the taste may vary slightly. I used to buy this dessert from a stall just a stone’s throw away from my home but when the lady relocated and subsequently retired, there went my dessert. Sure, there were other sellers but the taste plus content wasn’t the same. I like mine with very little cream and absolutely no corn or other stuff. Just wheat grains will do it.

So after scouting around the internet while digging around for info on American steelspan steel buildings, I came across a few recipes and decided to adapt them to my liking. I ended up with a super thick dessert so future notes would be to use either a bigger pot or less wheat, perhaps 3/4 of a cup next time. The dried winter melon lend a lovely fruit flavour which is nicely balanced with the use of plenty of screwpine leaves. For a first try, this recipe is definitely a keeper but of course with some adjustments!

Mak chook/Bubur terigu

8 screwpine/pandan leaves
1 cup wheat (whole pieces of grain itself)
1/4 cup rolled oats (instant/slow cook)
6 pieces dried winter melon
1 medium-large piece honey rock sugar
Some coconut cream
Some water


  1. Wash and soak the wheat grains in cold water for 10 minutes.
  2. Prepare the screwpine leaves by washing them and then splitting them lengthwise into half before tying it in a knot.
  3. Fill a good sized pot with some water and boil the leaves in the water. Add the winter melon, rock sugar and rolled oats before turning down the heat to a simmer.
  4. Add the wheat grains after they are ready and simmer for two to three hours until the wheat grains are soft (and broken up – this is optional, I prefer my dessert with some bite to it).
  5. When ready, drizzle over some coconut cream and enjoy. Good warm or cold!

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