Knitting lace…

Despite getting a bit behind on my hat knits (I’ve just finished No 3 and was surprised that it turned out to be more like a beanie than a beret/slouch/tam), I couldn’t help but drool over the prospects of getting in deep with some serious lace knitting! Currently, I’m working on the lace project below (Annis) simultaneously with whatever knit projects I have for my brother:

Annis by Susanna C

Then there are these gorgeous lacey wonders which I’d definitely like for myself:


Peacock Shawlette

Forest Path Stole

Now it’s just a question of finding more time on my hands. Maybe I should ditch those arthritis pain relief and the like assignments and focus more on my store AND my knitting. Hm.

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  1. Hello! Those look wonderful! Could you tell me where can I get the patterns for these? Thanks in advance

    Mabel Reply:

    You can find a database of patterns on 🙂

    Mabel Reply:

    You can find them on or 🙂

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