Handdyed Comfy Sock in Rainbow

I got a new equipment in for the store and decided to test it out. After churning a good five blanks and painting them, I came up with some gorgeous colourways. Unfortunately, my blanks came away too tight for some and what’s worse was that I had dropped stitches, which I salvaged, for a few and those resulted in me having to break the yarn and join it. Knots plus spotty yarn will not do for the store so they ended up in my stash instead.

Handdyed Superwash Merino in Reflection

I have a couple of projects in mind for these babies – most probably socks and shawls, especially for the 100% superwash merino yarn base. But first, to complete my brother’s commissioned knitting. Hat No 3 is coming on awfully slow so I might take some time out to work on that and more blanks for the store. On a completely different note altogether, I wish I’d get other reviews to work on apart from the usual stuff like thrush treatments – in case you’re wondering, yogurt works wonders and I’d stay away from anti-fungals!

Handdyed Comfy Sock in Peach Grape

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