Knit: Ballard Slouch Hat

Knit: Ballard Slouch Hat

Ballard Slouch Hat
Pattern | Ballard Slouch Hat by Felicia Lo
Yarn | Colonia 140 in Maderas
Needles | 4.5mm & 5mm circular needles

NOTE: Photos taken are before blocking.

While the pattern was easy and quick to knit up, I must say that I wasn’t all that thrilled with the end result. Perhaps it is the lack of blocking but it turned out to be more like a beanie than a slouch and the ribbing was a tad loose. I did wonder if the number of stitches cast on was a bit on the small side but now I wish that I had done less or perhaps moved a needle size down. I do hope that the wash and subsequent block will make it better.

Colour-wise, colours have never been exactly beyond fabulous but I do like that tinge of golden yellow coupled with the olive brown. I must say, I’m in one of those moods where I’m gravitating towards sunshine, autumn colours. Again, this isn’t for me, so I hope the recipient likes it.

In the meantime, it’s back to Hat No 4, cheap fat burners reviews and Annis again, but mind you, I’m so so so itching to cast on another project! I must endeavour to say no to startitis!!!!

Knit: Ballard Slouch Hat

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Knitting lace…

Despite getting a bit behind on my hat knits (I’ve just finished No 3 and was surprised that it turned out to be more like a beanie than a beret/slouch/tam), I couldn’t help but drool over the prospects of getting in deep with some serious lace knitting! Currently, I’m working on the lace project below (Annis) simultaneously with whatever knit projects I have for my brother:

Annis by Susanna C

Then there are these gorgeous lacey wonders which I’d definitely like for myself:


Peacock Shawlette

Forest Path Stole

Now it’s just a question of finding more time on my hands. Maybe I should ditch those arthritis pain relief and the like assignments and focus more on my store AND my knitting. Hm.

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Handdyed Comfy Sock in Rainbow

I got a new equipment in for the store and decided to test it out. After churning a good five blanks and painting them, I came up with some gorgeous colourways. Unfortunately, my blanks came away too tight for some and what’s worse was that I had dropped stitches, which I salvaged, for a few and those resulted in me having to break the yarn and join it. Knots plus spotty yarn will not do for the store so they ended up in my stash instead.

Handdyed Superwash Merino in Reflection

I have a couple of projects in mind for these babies – most probably socks and shawls, especially for the 100% superwash merino yarn base. But first, to complete my brother’s commissioned knitting. Hat No 3 is coming on awfully slow so I might take some time out to work on that and more blanks for the store. On a completely different note altogether, I wish I’d get other reviews to work on apart from the usual stuff like thrush treatments – in case you’re wondering, yogurt works wonders and I’d stay away from anti-fungals!

Handdyed Comfy Sock in Peach Grape

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Stash enhancements!

I simply couldn’t resist building up my stash again! Yes, yes, I know I really need to work on busting them but Wollmeise of lately has been too tempting and well, other yarns like The Knittery colourways are just too precious to NOT stock up on. Considering that I don’t do stuff like buy diet pills, go clothes or shoe shopping like there is no tomorrow, Nil actually ignores my stashing. I reckon he has just plain old given up on it!!!! Anyway, here’s a look at some of the goodies which I grabbed recently!

Wollmeise Die Auster The Knittery Merino-Cashmere in Kelim The Knittery Merino in Moonlight SweetGeorgia Silk Lamb Lace in Blackberry (photo from destasher)

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Knit: Koolhaas

FO: Koolhaas

Pattern | Koolhaas by Jared Flood
Yarn | Manos del Uruguay in Bramble
Needles | 4.5mm & 5mm circular needles

This was a surprisingly quick knit and although the pattern took a while to memorize – I knit standing up on the train every morning and evening, mind you – it is a joy to work on! The resulting finished object is very stretchy so don’t be fooled by its less-than-your average number of cast on stitches. Modelled by Nil here, it’ll be heading off to my brother who will then in turn be gifting it to someone.

The hat took slightly less than a skein to knit up so I’ll be using the remainder and another skein for a matching scarf to make it a complete set. I’d mind working on another hat based on this pattern – it looks perfect on Nil so will probably make one in blue or a bright colour (like my rainbow colourway for the store).

In the meantime, it’s back to more knitting and research on hair loss treatments – I hope I don’t lose any more hair than I already do!!!

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Knit: Knotty but Nice

FO: Knotty but Nice

Knotty but Nice
Pattern | Knotty but Nice by Natalie Larson
Yarn | Colonia 140
Needles | 4.5mm circular needles

This is my first knitted FO for the year 2011 and I’m glad my brother’s commissioned piece kicked me back into the knitting groove. I must say that I really miss knitting in front of the TV at night. Still it requires some form of juggling – squeezing knitting into my schedule has resulted in my other hobby – sewing – taking a backseat. So no toys for now.

The pattern was easy and quick to knit up; I took it with me on board MRT rides to and fro the office but on hindsight, I should have made the ribbing on a smaller needle. For those of you who are looking for a stash buster for those lone skeins of yarns, this pattern is perfect. I made an extra large hat (enough to cover the ears as well) and still had some yarn left (although barely enough for pom poms).

There is still some bit of yarn left to weave in and then it’ll go into the machine for a nice wash before I package it up to put aside until I finish the other projects that my brother wanted. I can’t stop saying it – it feels good to be knitting again!!!! Got me to even adding more future projects to my queue and they include lacework! I miss knitting shawls and socks.

So here’s to a good start to 2011 knit-wise…now to move onto my next piece and waterproof cameras!

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Happy Bunny Year ahead!

Pineapple Tarts: Fresh from the oven!

We now wave goodbye to the Tiger and say hello to the Bunny Year! Yes, Chinese New Year is around the corner again and therefore, here I am in Kuala Lumpur again for the reunion dinner as well as some festive time with family and friends. Unlike last year, this time though we’d be spending it in Thailand and then flying back to Singapore to start work again (hai).

But that’s for another day! In the meantime, Gong Xi Fa Cai and have a good Bunny year!

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