Some random updates…

It’s been a while since I last did a post that didn’t require ultra long paragraphs of any sort, just bits of phrases and sentences containing random thoughts.

…I bought six kilos of yarn for the store. Sales have been good this month – thank you Man Upstairs! – and I’m excited about trying out new bases as well as dyeing techniques!

…I’m getting better with my knitting. I finished my first project for 2011 and am working on my second & third one – another beanie and this time, a pair of socks.

…Stalking yarn shops is definitely not good for my wallet but I don’t intend on stashing up on more until I’m done destashing. Might jump to reorganising my stash since…

…I seem to have caught the organising bug. I cleared out my circular needles and arranged them in a ring binder. Trouble is that because I have too many, I need an arch file now! Next up would be my DPNs. My straights are fine – they are sitting in a tube so no worries about that.

…I might start on my sewing again but perhaps in March or late February when the post-holiday blues have gone for good!

…Move over, Strongest diet pill over the counter, because I bought myself a 2kg pair of dumb bells to use during my workouts! The flu bug knocked me off for a week but I’m back again and so far, the last two months have been good. I’m still maintaining my weight and it’s become almost second nature to me to eat less for dinner although Chinese New Year may just put a damper on my diet plans. (I plan to go for evening walks with Eva when I’m there – just need to remember to bring her mozzie repellant!)

…Having said that, I’ll be off to KL and Phuket for the festive break – of course with Eva!!! Chinese New Year, here I come!


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