WIP: Comm: Koolhaas

Believe it or not, I am actually done with my first WIP of the year which is the Knotty but Nice beanie. I got Nil to try it out and it fits him, so it means whoever the recipient is, it should fit him as well. I’ll blog about it in detail once I finish weaving the ends in as well as lightly blocking it. But right now, I’m onto my second WIP of the year and it’s another hat – this time for my brother.

Since Nil will be off to Switzerland for a meeting for the next few days, my nights will be pretty quiet so I got myself a new Korean drama (“Pasta”) – quite interesting, really – and decide to do nothing else but knit, maybe blog about IT degrees and other topics (Tiger Mum Amy Chua?), bake up some mini quiches (I’m thinking of a chicken-broccoli quiche) for Eva and perhaps, just perhaps, do some knitting if my parcel from the US arrives. Can you believe that I have eight parcels due within the next few days? I hope I don’t miss out on any while I’m gone!

For my second project, I’ve decided on some Manos yarn which is made up of 50% merino, 50% wool. It’s pretty smooth and springy, which makes it great for something which requires some warmth and a bit of stretch. Since my brother wanted it to be colourful, I picked a variegated colourway – lots of different shades of maroon and blue-purple. Initially I wanted to use the yarn for something else but I didn’t want to go through the hassle of ordering in yarn so I used this. I reckon it’s good for stash busting and Nil would agree with me!

So yes, I’m excited about knitting like this – it’s been a while since I knitted AND finished something! So YAY! Now back to my reviews on those IT degrees!

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