WIP: Comm: Knotty But Nice

Comm: WIP - Knotty But Nice

It’s no secret that I haven’t been knitting since I gave birth. My needles have been kept hidden away and my stash just out on display. About two weeks ago, someone contacted me asking if I still knit and if I could churn out a couple of beanies and scarves. I said yes without much thought since I really do knit. What I didn’t count on was that the person wanted 12 knitted items and by mid-August.

The organiser in me immediately got around to working out a schedule-plan. I was lucky that a fellow Singaporean Raveler was heading back from Australia and she also happened to be the owner of a yarn shop that carried the yarn I was looking for to use in the projects. So I got her to get a couple of skeins for me. On top of that, I bought a few from 100purewool.com as well as from other people’s stash! I reckon I have enough to form a blanket. Thank goodness for Ravelry and destashing!

The picture you see above is the start of the first beanie. I’m about halfway through already – am happy to say that – and have been knitting at least two to three rows per night. It’s slow progress since I caught the cold from Eva over the week. I’m hoping to finish it before Chinese New Year and get started on Beanie No 2 and scarf no 1. Am seriously keeping my fingers crossed and hoping to make the deadline. Wish me luck!

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