Stashing woes.

Silk-Wool Lace in Electric Blue

One good thing about running a handdyed shop is that you get to bulk up your own yarn stash from your own dyeing. Well, that and the fact that you can aim to get the colours of your choice. Why I say aim is because what you desire often isn’t 100% what you get from the dyepot. Above is one of the silk-wool yummies I have called my own although Nil is trying to get me to sell whatever I can – FAT CHANCE!!!! It is just too lovely to pass up!

I have put up the two below for sale at the shop but am getting tempted to dye up another batch just for keeps. The trouble with all this is that I’m way behind on my knitting – am building up a stash faster than I can knit!!! The yarn above plus about four skeins of Manos and another seven skeins of Malabrigo for a commissioned knitting project (more about that later) is definitely going to add to my budget. Still, I must thank the person behind the commissioned knitting. I get to shop for yarn guilt-free!

I’m hoping that once the knitting bug catches on (and it IS catching on), I’ll be back onto the knitting bandwagon. I owe Nil a couple of socks and at least two sweaters which will go well with some shirts that he has!

Silk-Wool Lace in Pumpkin
Superwash Cash-Wool Sock in Denim & Suede

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