Merry Christmas!

Bunny-wabbit Christmas greetings!

It is snowing here in Lyon and definitely the epitome of a white Christmas. So far, a good start to the trip. I was pleasantly surprised at how well Eva took to the flying – she was her usual toddler self on the flight from Singapore, had a snack – we bought our own – on the short flight and joined us for dinner at KLIA airport. Because our flight was at nearly midnight, we found a quiet corner near the gate and allowed her to take a snooze while we wait it out for boarding. She ended up sleeping…right up till it was time to board the plane.

We ran into some problems then as we were booked behind the front rows (where they place the bassinets) and no one wanted to switch their seats with ours. The flight attendant, Jim Liew/Lim was very apologetic about the whole thing and while waiting for the matter to be resolved, we found out that we had forgotten Nil’s suit – the flight attendant from the previous flight had forgotten to pass the suit back to me and so Nil had to check if they found it or not and so forth. Turned out that they didn’t so it meant lodging a report once we land in Paris. Gah. In the meantime, our seat problem was resolved by the fact that we got placed in a row of four empty seats – I suspect it was because there was a monk seated in the row which meant no women. Turned out to be a good thing as Eva had her own seat and could sleep better plus we had more space for things like eating and so forth. She slept for most of the flight up till four hours before we landed whereby all she wanted to do was nosy around and what-not. We came well prepared with a book, but found added help in the packs of snacks, paper tray and tissues. She occupied herself well with those things!!!

Once we landed in Paris, the weather shocked us! It was utterly chilly and I thanked myself silently for having the initiative to buy the stroller footmuff and as well as a sweater to tide Eva through. She burrowed herself in the footmuff while we waited for the TGV train at the platform. Standing in the cold at 8am in the morning was not my idea of fun although seeing steaming hot breaths coming out from people brought back memories of life in Switzerland which I sorely missed. On the TGV, after some snacking, Eva fell asleep again in my arms – I guess it had something to do with the fact that I was asleep as well!

We arrived in Lyon two hours later and since then, I must say that my daughter has surprised me at every turn. She is embracing the weather well not to mention the food – she loves foie gras!!!!! Although she is still on Singapore time, she takes instructions well and understands the rationale behind “everyone is sleeping so Eva should sleep, plus no sleep, no go out”. I’m really proud of her and hope that the coming days will continue to be this wonderful (sans the little accident with me forgetting to bring some accessories for digital cameras – BAH)!

In the meantime, have a Merry Christmas…from Eva, Nil and myself!

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