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I decided to give myself a little treat and join an unclub spree over at JulieSpins. She organizes a spree every month dedicated to those of us who don’t have the energy or finances to be part of a fiber club. One other advantage this spree has over fiber clubs is that we have a general idea of what to expect so we can opt out, if the colours or items are not particularly attractive.

This month’s unclub featured merino-cashmere-nylon bleed rovings and a humbug-silk. I wanted to bulk up my stash with some rovings meant for lace so I’ve been stashing up on silk-blends, and Julie’s colours have been very vibrant and rich. My pretties arrived on Monday but because my postbox can’t take anything thicker than the usual bank bills and such, I got a delivery notice instead, which meant that I’d have to wait till the weekend to get them.

The wait was definitely more excruciating than trying to figure out how to install a home theatre system but definitely worth it. As you can see, they are very pretty and I can’t wait to get started on them…once I finish my Ivy sweater, of course!!!

JulieSpins Unclub Dec 10 85% Humbug BFL - 15% Silk

JulieSpins Unclub Dec 10 85% Humbug BFL - 15% Silk

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