A little breather.

With the Christmas sale now under way over at the Etsy store, I finally have some time to focus on my handmade toys. I contacted the designer and got her input on cottage licensing for the store. While she is indeed very generous with the terms of usage for her patterns, she has placed a limit on the number of finished toys I can sell at one time. I respect that decision and will abide by it. Still, it won’t stop me from stocking up on these toys. All I’ll do is finish selling one batch and just list the next batch.

Still, all these limitations are beginning to tempt me into looking at designing up my own patterns. Judging from the construction, it shouldn’t be too hard although I foresee most of the work going into drawing up the blueprints and sizing the toys. It is a process that is time-consuming, somewhat like designing a shawl from scratch – something I did back in Switzerland.

I should go back to this portion of the process – it is something that I do find enjoyable and worth the effort because if I were to come up with my own design, I can do what I like with it and not be constraint by copyright and intellectual property laws. Many others would not think twice about abusing this but it is people like that who hurt designers and the market for those of us who use such patterns. In my early knitting days, I was shameful unaware of this but now, I try not to repeat it again. In fact, I remember coming across a Lowyat.net business owner selling handmade crochet booties made from a pattern I swear was not for commercial purposes, and was quite tempted to drop a note to the designer about this. After seeking some insight onto the matter, I dropped the issue, mainly because I wasn’t even sure if it was the right move to make and didn’t want to come across as a moral police.

Anyway, perhaps in my spare time (if I have any hours to spare), I might tinker around with some stitch ideas and sewing patterns. But in the mean time, it’s the “manual labour”-type work plus assignments like best colon cleansers on top of everything else that will eat up my time.

For now, I have a little breathing space-time and I mean to enjoy it. 🙂

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