Am back on the spinning front.

Since that awful disaster with my spinning wheel, I had stayed away from spinning for quite a while. I still maintain my wheel with a regular coating of lemon oil but I didn’t do any “work” in front of the wheel. I’d have more incentive if my handspun paid for stuff without me having to think of things like payday advance loan but it doesn’t – and thankgoodness I have a steady full-time job!

But about two days ago, I decided – on a whim – to dust off the wheel and get back to spinning. I dug out something I bought a year (or maybe even two) ago, hooked it up to the wheel and before I knew it, I was already done. The singles are now being plied using the Navajo technique and if I can get to finishing the entire bobbin tonight, I might just have some spiffy pictures tomorrow!

In the meantime, let me tantalise you with the shot of the fiber before it saw some action on the wheel.

Gotland in Oxford from Spindlefrog

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